13-year-old para-swimmer covers 28.5 km across Palk Strait.

Para swimmer Jiya Rai, who is battling chemical imbalance, has created history by swimming 28.5 kms in 13 hours. Rai, 13, traversed the Palk Strait from Thalaimannar in Sri Lanka to Arichalmunai in Dhanushkodi in Tamil Nadu.

A video of her achievement shows her swimming with ease on Sunday as people gather to see her set another standard. The clap also shows Tamil Nadu Director General of Police Dr. C. Silendra Babu, cheering and praising the young man while giving him a trinket.

Rai earned awards online for his achievement. “Fantastic! 13 hours is a long time and she swam for so long! An exemplary effort indeed! Brilliant young lady!” A client replied to news organization ANI’s tweet about Rai’s achievement.

Rai is the daughter of Madan Rai, an Indian Navy officer serving in Mumbai. The Indian Navy posted a salute note on the authority’s Facebook page. “She has become the youngest and fastest female swimmer in the world to swim across the Palk Straits. The previous record was held by Bhula Choudhary, who swam in 13 hours 52 minutes in 2004.

The Indian Navy similarly mentioned in a Facebook post that the occasion was coordinated to highlight the issues of chemical imbalance, 75 years of India’s autonomy and the strengthening of ties between India and Sri Lanka.

The security force also shared pictures of Rai holding public banners and happily swimming in trinkets.

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