Brendan Aaronsson insists he is claiming Leeds’ winning goal in Wolves win

Brendan Aaronsson has said he is claiming Leeds’ winning goal in a 2-1 win over Wolves in the Premier League.

The winner of Leeds is officially recorded as Ryan Ait-Nouri’s own goal, with both Aaronson and Wolves defender slipping past Patrick Bamford’s driven cross to drive it into the empty net.

However, Summer’s signing from Red Bull Salzburg claimed he got a touch on the ball and insisted he was taking credit for the all-important goal.

After the match, Aaronson said, “I touched it! I was there and it hit my shin somewhere, so I’m taking credit for that.”

“We’re working on the back post runs in training. You always have to be there. If I’m not there boy can clean it up to help those runs.”

The 21-year-old said that it was the perfect start to his Elland Road career as he opened up about the quality of it. Premier League,

“It’s a big result. It’s always great to start the season with three points,” he said.

“Winning at home on land Road for the first time is a great experience for me and the team.

“You can tell how high the level is [in the Premier League], Everyone is so technical. Wolves were tough, they rocked the ball very well and got out the other side which hurts us because we like to compress it on one side and keep it aside so that it is hard.

“We fought through it and won and I thought we were good at counter-attacking.”

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