Harry Maguire Praises ‘Fantastic’ Cristiano Ronaldo

Harry Maguire has offered his sympathy to Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, admitting he understands how it feels to be in a media storm.

The United captain is a regular target of criticism from fans but has been off the firing line this summer, while the focus is on Ronaldo, who has asked United to leave in the pursuit of Champions League football.

A transfer has not yet materialized and ronaldo can be set to start for United Anthony Martial during his first match of the season against Brighton on Sunday following an injury.

asked by sky game What Ronaldo brings to this United side, Maguire laughed: “Target!”

He continued: “Cristiano is a fantastic player and we have a great character around. I know what it’s like to have a lot of media speculation around me but he takes most of it.

“Everything he does is scrutinized to the nth degree. I guess that’s what you get when you play for this club [due to] club size. At the same time, when things go well, you are also praised a lot.

“That’s football, that’s the game we play, there’s a line that can be crossed and there are things we can do in this country to stop it.”

Maguire’s praise comes after reports that the centre-back was accused of being part of a dressing room-sharing dispute with Ronaldo over the club’s captaincy – allegations that have been strongly denied.

The pair could line up with each other on Sunday when the Erik Ten Haag era will be underway with Seagull’s visit.

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