Is it difficult to shoot on double rims? (good and bad)

No, that extra thick edge is not an optical illusion…

And yes, it seems like every jumper grazing the rim is rattling in and out.

Whether you’ve seen them before or not, double rims are often used in public courts for their durability and cost-effectiveness.

They’re harder to shoot… but if you can train the abs with a low shooting percentage, they can provide the added benefit of improving your jump shot.

In this article we’ll talk about double rims in more detail, telling you about the pros and cons of shooting on these thicker rims.

What is double rim?

A “double rim” is an additional rim stacked on top of a traditional basketball rim.

In addition to being thicker, a double rim is slightly longer than a rim hoop due to the additional metal required in construction.

Double rims are favored on courts that see a lot of action for two main reasons:

One. Tolerance

They are more resistant to sting attempts and damage from wayward jumpers.

Local RE gyms sometimes feature double rims for this reason.

And since they stand up to the weather better, they are also popular on outdoor courts.

b. cost effectiveness

This added durability means that rims can last longer and require less maintenance before being replaced, making them more cost efficient over the long term.

Is it difficult to shoot on double rims?

Yes, they sure are!

Stacked rims have less give and bounce to them, making it more likely that jump shots grazing the rim will result in a miss.

This can feel especially challenging on outdoor courts where sight-lines and varying depth perceptions can make it difficult to determine your distance to circle.

Add in any sub-optimal weather conditions, and it’s no wonder that your jumper looks like it’s never going to drop at the local park.

Layups and close shots can also be difficult on the double rim.

Advantages of double rims:

It can be frustrating to see shots that usually find the bottom of the bucket rim.

But for players who are serious about developing their game and honing their touch and jump shots, the double rim can have huge advantages.

1. Improve shooting ability

Double rims force shooters to focus on proper form and release, rewarding well-crafted shots that rely on finding the center of the hoop rather than grazing the rim before going in.

In addition to giving you more room for error, higher arcing shots are harder to defend and less likely to be blocked or converted.

2. Long Lasting Hoop

If you want to install a hoop at your home, a double rim hoop will also last a long time and can get a lot of use without wearing out.

They tend to cost a little more than single rim models, but will save you money in the long run because you won’t need to replace them as often.

Negatives of double rims:

1. Difficult to Adjust

Since the double rim is slightly longer than the single rim design, this can create some confusion and force you to change your shot to compensate for the extra height.

But to me it seems negligible, there is always a slight fluctuation in the height of the court rim no matter where you are, so a little inconsistency between double and single rims is okay.

2. Additional up-front cost

While I’ve listed the cost as a long-term benefit, the extra money may not be feasible for some people if you’re on a tight budget and may even be considered a negative.

3. Mental despair

The biggest drawback of the double rim is the potential mental stress on the players.

There’s something about a learning curve to shooting on these less forgiving rims.

Seeing them bounce shot after shot can be very frustrating and can result in players giving up or changing their form for the worse.

It is therefore important that players understand that the degree of difficulty is greater on a double rim when they step onto the court.

Double Rims - Basketball


There is no right or wrong circle to shoot.

Whether you have easy access to a double rim or single rim hoop, practicing on either design will improve your shot.

However, for improving your form and in-game performance, I find the double rim to be more beneficial because of the higher level of difficulty.

If you can see a few more jumpers hitting the iron, give the double rim a shot next time you get the chance.

You can be happy with the long term results.

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