Joan Laporta admits that Frankie de Jong could still join Man Utd

Barcelona club president Joan Laporta has admitted he will do everything in his power to retain Frankie de Jong, but has not ruled out his move to Manchester United.

90 minutes Man Utd and Barcelona have agreed a €85m fee for the midfielder, but the deal has been put on hold by de Jong’s insistence on a deferred salary payment of around €20m. Still, the Red Devils are patient in their search.

Laporta has spoken a lot about the 25-year-old’s future in recent weeks and has often insisted that he wants the Dutchman to stay at Camp Nou, but when asked CBS Sports Can he clearly confirm that de Jong will not end the transfer window at Man Utd, he admitted it was still possible.

“In football, you never know. I can’t say for sure. It all depends on the individual parties. But in theory, I can say that there is a strong possibility that he stays, and I would say I can do my best as president to get him to stay in Barcelona,” Laporta said.

He continued: “The first thing we want is that Frankie stays at Barcelona. We love the player and him as a human being. I want him to stay at Barcelona. He is a high quality player and a good player. Boy. I also know he wants to stay.”

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When asked about the need for de Jong’s pay cut, Laporta said: “We are doing the same with Frankie as the rest of the squad. The signings coming in have adjusted his pay to the new structure. But Frankie has a contract and we respect that. We can’t force him to take a pay cut. It’s his decision

“We are trying to manage the football club in a prudent and sustainable way. That’s why we have to have these conversations and we do it in a calm and considerate way. We’ve explained the situation and are grateful to any players who help us.” Could help. It was the same with Dembele and I am very grateful to him. And after months of negotiations, he has accepted his salary re-negotiation and he can be proud of his decision.

,[If De Jong doesn’t take a pay cut] Then it will continue. ‘s contract. We will respect that decision. For us he is a Barcelona player. We trust him.”

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