Jurgen Klopp insists Mohamed Salah was not distracted by contract saga

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has insisted he does not see Mohamed Salah deviating from last season’s contract saga, even though it was an issue that was talked about constantly.

Salah’s exit from the contract next summer was certainly bringing uncertainty to his future at Anfield, especially after months of talks failed to achieve an agreement.

Success eventually followed, and they signed a new long-term deal in early July.

“He’s in really good shape and of course he’s happy to be here. As clear as it was to him, and I said we’d get the deal on the line, it was still an open talk and everyone was talking about it.” Talks. We’re human, but I didn’t see him distracting much, to be honest,” Klopp explained.

liverpool the boss suggested request He has returned from the summer ‘full of energy’ and ‘Hum sabka husla diya’ – he has a goal and an assist from Community Shield last weekend.

“Moe is always full of strength and energy after a few weeks off,” Klopp said.

“He came back in a good shape and, yes, knowing where he would be, I wouldn’t say that for the rest of his career because he’s the kind of player who can play for a very long time, but for the next very, very important years. For his career. It boosted us all and him too. He looked really sharp throughout pre-season to be honest. Long may this go on.”

Despite scoring 31 goals in all competitions in total, Salah’s form briefly declined upon his return from the Africa Cup of Nations. Klopp shrugged off the disappointment of losing in the final, while Sadio Mane gained the confidence to win it with Senegal.

“The difference between the two was won AFCON. But if you work hardest, you build a house and when the storm sweeps it away, you did the same thing, one takes energy and one gives energy, Klopp said.

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