Leeds could be strong after Rafinha and Calvin Phillips sale

Jesse Marsh has backed Leeds to grow stronger in the wake of the sale of Rafinha and Calvin Phillips.

After escaping the fear of relegation last year, Leeds have run into Rafinha and Phillips with two of their most influential players joining Barcelona and Manchester City for around £100m combined.

With Marsh overseeing the arrival of Brendan Aaronsson, Luis Sinisterra, Tyler Adams, Rasmus Christensen, Mark Roca and Darko Gybi before their first full season, that money has been reinvested almost entirely into the team.

“We know we’ve lost two great players, but it’s allowed us to bring in six, seven, eight other players to help us play that version of football even more accurately,” Marsh said. We can play whatever we want to play.”

“Working with Calvin and Rafinha was great, and I am so grateful to have spent time with them and committed to the way they have done for us here.

“But I think we will use the situation to make us stronger, I really believe so.”

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Marsh’s optimism resonates Recent comments from Leeds owner Andrea Radrizaniwho acknowledged that selling off top players is part of a plan to grow as a global powerhouse.

Leeds More players are expected to be added to their squad before the window closes, and sources have confirmed 90 minutes He Talks continue with Paris Saint-Germain On a deal to sign young striker Arnaud Kalimuendo.

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